Origin story - The day that changed everything

It was a warm fall day in 2015.  Sun shining.  We were having a lazy Saturday just running errands and hanging out.  Kristen was out shopping and we were going to wait for Benjamin, two at the time, to wake up from his nap and then go out as a family.  We needed some lunch.  Panera seemed like a safe option.  We knew there was ONE single kind of bread that didn't contain milk or eggs at Panera and we were gonna go with that.  Lets pause on that for a minute.  Who the f**k puts milk in bread?  People have been making bread for millennia and the best stuff doesn't have milk.  Ever have Italian bread... yup no milk.  French baguette... no milk.  Unless your going for a little sourdough, milk should not be part of the f**king equation.  I digress.  We ordered the PB&J on the one Panera loaf that we knew was safe and we carried on... lunch is served.  

Benjamin ate that sandwich, and Kristen, Ellie and I ate our salads.  We headed out for a little family shopping and to walk around the open market near our house.  We needed to grab some groceries so I went into a Fresh Market while Kristen took the kids into another store.  After grabbing some veggies, I quickly ran into the men's room at the far end of the produce section and came out to a little commotion.  Someone at the front of the store was yelling for a doctor.  I headed for the front not really knowing why, and got about half way there when I heard Kristen scream my name.  I sprinted toward the front fear pounding through my body not knowing what to expect.  Then I saw him.  My little buddy, two your Benjamin was blue and limp.  He was lying on the floor, barely able to breath and I felt helpless, hopeless, and completely out of control.  There was nothing I could do and I was watching my little boy dying in front of me.  By some sort of divine intervention help came quickly.  Ambulance, epinephrine, ER, home.  Benjamin pulled through just fine, but we were FOREVER changed.  I realized what food can do... it can literally kill you.  But it could it also save you? 


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